Why go with Edu-Craft Diversions' models?

"Why go with Edu-Craft Diversions' models?"
Generally, because no one else offers them.
Most plastic models are smaller in size to allow for cost feasibility. Heavy Paper modeling allows for much more expansive designs in a much more cost effective way... Some would say, with a better result.
Our more indoctrinated modelers might ask, "Why can't these models be plastic?"
Because Edu-Craft Diversions provides mostly printed graphics only. Heavy Paper Modeling uniquely allows for extremely highly developed and accurate color and finish, without requiring the modeler to be a professional artist or spending untold hours painting details and an exact, accurate faux finish.
Edu-Craft Diversions' models strive to emulate the actual artifact, as opposed to the more common conceptual or idealized model.  Edu-Craft Diversions' models capture a realistic result which shows the artifact as it actually existed, not how its design intent was.
Confidence in Model Robustness and Durability?
It may seem counter intuitive, but, considering that paper is, after all, wood, the heavy paper model's design allows, not only, for liberal strength for model display, but, unlike plastic, resin or brass media, heavy paper will give, not break, when, a shirt cuff snags it, or the model is bumped or even dropped. The processes will call for bolstering with a sub-support where needed... And its glue/fold-over/layered process results in a laminated effect, giving the model generous strength and durability.
"But, I enjoy working in plastic (or resin)...!"
Many builders utilize the kit as a template for their own scratch build... (They still use many of the graphics as color cover.) As always, if there might be a need for a replacement parts sheet, it will be provided at little or no cost. When your friends first see your Edu-Craft Diversion model... You will hear the word, "Wow." They won't be able to tell what it is made of. (So, don't tell 'em...!) Other models, if extremely well done, may look like an outstanding model of the artifact... Edu-Craft Diversions' models look like the artifact, not a model of the artifact. With an Edu-Craft Diversions model, graphics of photos of the actual item are incorporated into the finish... In many instances, you're actually looking at the real thing...
"What's the deal with these prices...?  And shipping...?"
If cost of printing extensive color graphics on 11x17 special paper (32 lbs. stock) is checked, I think it will be found that the price is not excessive...
But, this cost also would not take into account its main value in the 100s of hours of research, design, drawing and testing time. It also does not include ongoing builder support efforts and time expenditures. In addition to support, replacement parts sheets for unexpected build mistakes is also supplied to the builder at little or no cost.  If something goes awry... Not a problem... Simply email! 
The shipping rates are based on postal costs, time and other resources above actual shipping amounts.
"And what about the delivery time...??"
All items are individually prepared and shipping occurs about once a week, so, for safety's sake, a liberal ship time is quoted.  (Even thought it is usually much less...)  Much like NASA's space flight, technical delays also sometimes rarely occur...  If the order takes over 2 weeks... Please advise...
As always - your thoughts are welcome.  Suggestions for other models or scales would also be gladly heard.