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Apollo 15 Genesis Rock, Moon Rock Replica created using actual terrestrial anorthosite and genuine NASA Johnson Space Center Lunar Dust Simulant. Please inquire for next production run.

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Composed of anorthosite and coated with NASA made Moon Dust...

I'm so pleased to announce that Edu*Craft Diversions' Genesis Rock Replica will be making an appearance on the great TV show, "For All Mankind." Be sure to watch for it...
This is a 1:1 scale replica of NASA's Apollo 15 Lunar Sample #15415 "Genesis Rock." A simple display case is included free as a rudimentary starter. The high work/time intensive piece is made using actual terrestrial anorthosite and is not painted. The gray area is a coating of actual, genuine NASA produced lunar soil/Moon dust replicant. The moon soil replicant was ordered by NASA for test and development of new equipment and vehicles for the Constellation/Orion Lunar exploration program, to send humans back to the surface of the Moon and beyond. NASA ordered that the Lunar dust be of exact composition, texture and color of that which was brought back during the Apollo missions. This is the substance which encrusts the gray areas of this replica. The actual Genesis Rock itself was composed of unbrecciated anorthosite, ( and was just what Astronauts James B. Irwin and David R. Scott were looking for along Hadley Rille as they traversed the Lunar surface in their Lunar Roving Vehicle. It was named Genesis Rock by the press, as it is among the oldest rock samples ever discovered anywhere at the time, dating back to the origins of the solar system. It was deemed a significant find, as there are no samples of similar age on the Earth, due to geologic and weather forces. The 2 colors that sample #15415 displayed were due to it having been embedded half way into the Lunar surface. The white area was beneath the surface and the gray area was exposed and caked with lunar dust. Small areas of the dust had been rubbed off and the white area had gloved, dust prints due to handling by Apollo 15 astronauts David R. Scott and James B. Irwin. The Genesis Rock Replica is hand created by professional artist David R. Maier of Edu-Craft Diversions, and is the result of many hours of research and sculpting. Cast using actual terrestrial unbrecciated anorthosite, the outer 5 to 15 mm of its surface is composed of a +- 80% anorthosite/20% Hydrocal amalgam, both substances being rich in calcium. The inner fill is Hydrocal, a high tensile strength, calcium based casting medium. While the lunar dust replicant has been bonded to the anorthosite amalgam surface, handling the piece should be minimized. If at any time the replica might need servicing, a dust refreshing, repair or replacement accessories, contact HoustonFlight@EduCraftDiversions for full support. Included, to capture the familiar environs of the original Lunar Sample as it was most prominently photographed are: A printed graphic paper insert for the display case base, depicting the Lunar Receiving Lab's Non-Sterile Nitrogen Processing Line (NNPL) examination platter. A full size, un-cropped examination platter graphic with longitude degrees graphics is available upon request (for larger display options). A 1" "meteorite" scale cube paper model matching that shown in NASA photographs. An actual anorthosite fragment and granules are included (as pictured). A rudimentary 8"x 4"x 4" display case is included free, to start you off. Also included are: 1 metallic gold nomenclature plate paper sticker. The sticker comes un-mounted, so it may be affixed however preferred to display the replica. Inscription reads, "APOLLO 15 "GENESIS ROCK" NASA LUNAR SAMPLE #15415 MOON ROCK REPLICA, UNBRECCIATED ANORTHOSITE, DISCOVERED AT HADLEY RILLE/APENNINES AUGUST 1ST, 1971" 1 Information sheet. 1 Paper parts sheet with instructions. Suggested display options are pictured. Interesting to note that Apollo landing sites in fact read in Apollo survey photographs, as lighter areas of disturbed lunar soil. Shown, is an actual composite photograph, showing the landing site and wide field view of survey area. NASA's Lunar sample replicas cost +- $400, or $1600 for a set. This replica is higher fidelity and less costly, that any who may so want may have. This was created as an homage to NASA's Apollo manned Lunar Space exploration program, all current programs and the heroic astronauts who put their lives on the line in arguably, the most inspired chapter of human exploration. An excellent educational show piece, sure to spur your students to discussion and inspire interest in science. A must addition to your Apollo spacecraft model display! It's why we went...