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Display Keyboard (DSKY) Apollo Guidance Computer model.  The unbuilt heavy paper model has won accolades around the world since 2012 for its accuracy and realism.  Some of the Apollo Moon walkers display Edu*Craft Diversions works, proudly in their homes.

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Edu-Craft*Diversions' unbuilt, heavy paper, life-size model art craft kit replica of the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) Display Keyboard (DSKY). It portrays the flown Apollo 11 Lunar Module (LM-5) unit, showing its installed flight use. A static display homage to that inspired moment of history, fitting, as all other flown DSKYs show similar affects. Edu-Craft*Diversions strives to emulate the actual artifact.
PLEASE NOTE: The pictures are of the completed model, not an actual AGC DSKY.
PLEASE NOTE: The DSKY model appears to be illuminated, but this is due to use of florescent pens applied to the readouts. It is not illuminated.

29 11x17" Parts Sheets in 60 lbs. Test Heavy Paper.
59 Page Instructions Procedures Plan Manual in PDF on CD.

(Not Included)
Sharp Scissors
Craft Knife
Large, sharp straight edge for fold embossing. (Or long straight knife with taped edge).
White Glue (Elmer’s Brand, IE.)
Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver (Fine & Full Tip), Common Fluorescent Yellow Text Hi-Liter, White, Black & Gray Marking Pens - For white paper edges, readout Hi-Liting and touch ups.
Probes For Glue Application and Fine Parts Manipulation (toothpicks, Sharp Pencil, e.g.).
Expendable Cloths for Glue Work.
Tweezers, Paper Clips, Clothes Pins for "Clamping" Drying Parts.
Common Household Cardboard (Or Preferred Material - Balsa Sheet?) For Sub-support, in Varied Thickness.
Small Containers/Envelopes For Parts Storage And Organization.
Standard Pencils.
Glass-Like Thin Plastic Pane. (As used in photo picture frames). Actual glass can be used.

All heavy paper color cover, graphics and instructions CD are included.
Build time is comparable to the Edu-Craft*Diversions Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT) model kit.
If interested in having one built for you... (probably cost prohibitive), contact and will advise.
Internals are printed graphics, not 3D.
The readout displays are not illuminated. The procedures will call for highlighting the displays with a common fluorescent Hi-Liter brand marking pen, causing it to pop visually in standard light.
Different flight modes, as display readout facings, are included which can be switched and are stowed in the rear case memory modules:

Trans-Lunar Coast (CM)
Lunar Approach Manual Mode
1202 Alarm
Pre Lunar Landing
Lunar Contact
Post Lunar Landing

The warning and readout figures were derived from commonly available online simulators.
The heavy paper (60 lbs.) is tested and deemed best for precision and load bearing. After gluing, laminating, folding and assembly, it bears up well.
Expect full support for this item.
Suggestions for other kits are welcome.

The DSKY was used by Apollo astronauts to control and monitor The Apollo Guidance Computer (A.G.C.) functions for flight navigation in the Lunar landing missions. The A.G.C. was one of the first integrated circuit based computers. The Command and Lunar Modules each had an Apollo Guidance Computer system on board. This is a static display model art craft kit to represent the Apollo 11 Lunar Module DSKY.The Command Module A.G.C. Dealt with flight to, around and back from the Moon. The Lunar Module A.G.C. controlled flight functions in support of landing on and returning from the Moon as well as abort flight.
The Apollo 11 LM DSKY met its fate when Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin jettisoned their ascent stage to a decaying Lunar orbit, which subsequently crashed onto the surface at an unknown point. Presumably, it still exists to this day, in some way shape or form, somewhere on the Moon.
The only intact flown LM DSKY is aboard the Apollo 10 LM ascent stage presently untracked, in permanent Solar Orbit. (Until someone goes n' gets it!)
It's a great feeling to glance across the room and see this piece on the bookcase. On that score, The DSKY Model will excel at bringing a hands-on feel to history. Beholding the replica DSKY as it sits will give one a different outlook on it. It has the feel of being more of an instrument panel indicator than a computer interface... A very different experience than viewing online pictures. It gives the sense that you've got your own private little piece of Apollo hardware, right there.
This item, as with many of our designs makes for an excellent educational class room project.
As with all Edu-Craft*Diversions' kits, the build experience will benefit from the same kind of work attention exhibited by the very astronauts who operated such instrumentation.
The build is kind of like a sort of astronaut psychological test... as such seen in the film The Right Stuff.
In the Imax Hubble film at California Science Center (which has a DSKY in its ASTP CM (ex-Apollo 18 capsule) exhibit), the astronaut doing the Hubble refurb shared how he had a myriad of tiny screws to work during the retrofit. He had to adopt a sort of Zen attitude towards the fatiguing job. He focused on working one tiny screw at a time. His attitude was that this was the only screw he was doing.... an approach applied for each of them. So, by the end of the job, he'd worked one tiny screw.
Sure to make for hours of fun build DIVERSION...
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Bare bones kit to reduce costs ... No commercial packaging... Comes rolled in postal packing.