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1:110 Scale Apollo Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT) Model Kit for Lego or any 1:110 Saturn V Model
Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT) and MLP Model Kit in 1:110  scale for Lego or any 110 Saturn V Model.  The unbuilt heavy paper model has won accolades around the world since 2006 for its accuracy and realism and is designed to bear up well under load.

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Product Code: 1:110-LUT

- Parts are cut out and glued.
- Load bearing assemblies call for a substrate such as corrugated cardboard (provided by the customer) to be affixed behind load bearing surfaces.
- The Procedures on the provided CD will detail build aspects.
- Should there be need, replacement parts sheets will be provided at little or no cost.
- Please have a look-through of the description below to get a good idea of this design. OK?

...and we thank you.

NASA's Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT) Heavy Paper Model Kit in 1:110 scale by Edu-Craft Diversions. This is not made by Lego, but is suitable for their Saturn V model rocket (not included), or any Saturn V 1:110. (Photos show non-Lego Saturn V.)

PLEASE NOTE: This unbuilt LUT Craft Model is exactly scaled to the real NASA LUT. Lego has adjusted its design slightly away from the real NASA Saturn V, so please expect the need to adjust its fit to our LUT 1:110 accordingly.

Sturdily designed to support same scale Saturn V Rocket Model. Swing arms swing, tower crane rotates. This set includes 38 qty. 11 x 17 parts sheets printed on 60 pound test cover stock and Procedures PDF on CD. Comes without commercial packaging to save costs. Shipped in postal packaging.

1000s of happy builders...!

Skill Level: ADVANCED

This is a heavy paper UNBUILT model craft kit of NASA's Apollo Saturn V Rocket
Launch Umbilical Tower
(LUT) with Mobile Launcher Platform in 1:110 scale. The rocket is not included. LUT is not built. Intended for any 1:110 scale Saturn V model. The LUT 1:110 is an accurate, generic model so it may need to be adjusted where the Lego 1:110 Saturn V does not meet to original Saturn V designs, notably its fins and LM Adapter, which are of different design than the actual article.

The build Procedures call for use of approx. 1/4" corrugated cardboard, glued aback of the outer skin on load bearing surfaces creating a strong, laminated effect. It bears up well under load.

PLEASE NOTE: The LEGO Saturn V is not precisely modeled after NASA's actual, real Saturn V rocket, so please anticipate the need for some adjusting of's generic LUT 1:110, as it is designed true to NASA's actual Apollo Launch Umbilical Tower. The Lego Saturn V will need to be secured to the LUT to avoid mishaps when bumped. We would recommend using trace white-glue at the base (removable) and/or earthquake securing putty or the like... Some of the builders make use of clear plastic bands (from common product packaging or other household sources) secured around the rocket mid-section and to the LUT for additional bump contingencies. The Edu-Craft*Diversions LUT is intended for static display, and not for playing. Some industrious modellers actually install high powered magnets into the Launch Platform and rocket to secure it...

This heavy PAPER (60 lbs. test) model kit includes:

  • 1 set of 38 quantity 11"x17" color laser 60 lbs. test, paper stock, parts sheets .
  • 1 CD containing the 90 page Assembly Procedure Manual in PDF file.

The heavy paper (60 lbs.) is tested and deemed best for precision and other factors. After gluing, laminating, folding and assembly, it bears up strongly.

The Procedures Manual calls for a corrugated cardboard substrate which is glued to load bearing surfaces. It forms a laminated surface which bears well under expected loads.

APOLLO CRAWLER TRANSPORTER is also available separately, along with all of our other neat items...

NOTE: The rocket sits atop the launcher and is held in place by gravity, some tactile resistance from the 4 hold-downs (support mounts), and swingarm contact. Unless it is bumped, it should stay safely mounted. The kit is generic to any 1:110 scale Saturn V model. If further securing of the rocket is desired, the builder (you) would be called upon to implement a hold-down application specific to the model brand.
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NOTE: The purchaser agrees that the seller shall not be held responsible or liable for any injuries or damages, whether incidental or coincidental, associated in any way with the equipment. The purchaser, by bidding or buying this equipment, indicates their knowledge of, and agreement to the terms of this disclaimer.

Will require scissors, water based various color marking pens, cutting board, white glue, cardboard (or foamcore) for sub-support on some parts, etc (Not included). The model shown uses cardboard. But all color cover and graphics are included. If spare parts are needed they will be provided at little or no cost.

The model accurately depicts the Apollo era Launch Umbilical Tower and Moblile Launcher Platform.

Note: A non-Lego Saturn V is shown in the pictures.

Bare bones "kit" to reduce costs to you... No packaging... Comes rolled in a USPS Priority package. Includes 38 parts sheets and 90 page instructions manual CD. Lay the sheets flat at room temp under a load (books) for 48 hours or so, to flatten out.

PLEASE NOTE: These are printed to order so please add 1 additional week of delivery time expectation. The printing company sometimes experiences delays and posting of items is made about once a week, so delivery time will be reflected accordingly, OK? Shipping costs reflect required time and resources, not postage fees only. Paypal is required but other arrangements will be made if requested.

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