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Launch Umbilical Tower LUT 1:200 Craft Model for AMT, ESTES, BMS Saturn V
Launch Umbilical Tower LUT 1:200 Craft Model for AMT, ESTES, BMS Saturn V

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This is Edu*Craft Diversions' Launch Umbilical Tower with Mobile Launcher in 1:200 scale.


This is a paper, un-built craft model made by Edu*Craft Diversions, not AMT or ESTES for their Saturn V Models but is designed to fit for Estes 2160, AMT 0700 MAN IN SPACE, S594, AMT 700/06, AMT 1174, ESTES 2160,BMS ALWAY 1:200 Saturn V's or any 1:200 scale Saturn V model.


This un-built craft model includes:
  • 1 set of 21 quantity, 11"x17" color laser print, paper parts sheets.
  • 1 CD containing the 90 page Assembly Procedures Manual in PDF file.

Bare bones package, to keep cost as low as possible, it is sent with parts sheets rolled. No commercial packaging. I'm just a simple country graphic artist...

I can almost guarantee that there is one word you will hear as your friends and family see the impressive piece you have built for the first time...

...And that word is, "Wow."

SKILL LEVEL: Advanced - not for most children. It basically boils down to perseverance and patience. I liken the construction of Edu*Craft Diversions' Apollo Launch Umbilical Tower Craft Model, to that of building larger sea vessel models such as The Constitution Sail Ship or Academy 350 Titanic with their rigging and brass-etched add-ons. This is a big build.

The Apollo era Crawler Transporter in 1:200 scale will soon be online...

One of the pictures shows examples of the instruction pages on the CD and an example of one of the parts sheets. The kit will require scissors, water based various color marking pens, cutting board, white glue, corrugated cardboard for sub-support on main platform, etc (Not included).

Other launch platforms for varied scales and types are also available (Saturn 1B, Space Shuttle) as is the Crawler Transporter. If you have a desired scale which is not listed, please email.

The included Procedures Plan PDF is the same for all Edu*Craft Diversions’ scales, and any procedures changes per scale is printed directly upon the parts sheets.

Edu*Craft Diversions' LUT is also available 1:144, 1:96, 1:100, 1:70, 1:72 and in 1:110 scale for Legos Saturn V...!

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It occurs how silly the Saturn 5 rocket model looks, displayed without it's Launch Umbilical Tower. In reality... the Saturn V rocket existed on its Mobile Launcher Platform for the entirety of its tenure on the planet... having been constructed upon it. Indeed, it existed in flight wholly, for a matter of only 3 or so minutes on its flight to the Moon. You can get away with Gemini, Mercury, Constellation/Orion... But this rocket's just got to have a tower next to it.

So, here it is! An excellent display accouterment for your plastic model launch vehicle.

Assembling this intricate piece might seem daunting. To quote HAL 9000 in 2001: a space odyssey ... "I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill and think things over..." It's really only a matter of going step by step through the Procedures Plan. Individual builder's may exclude many of the details for a much speedier build and still have a piece worthy of their Saturn V display.

The printing on the parts sheets is quite rugged, but if you need replacements, they will be made available at little or no cost. If a mistake occurs... Anticipate full project support and simply email. Our motto? "Houston, we've not a problem..."

No painting required, at all. All the intricate graphics detailing is already done. Just coloring of exposed white paper surfaces and edges with your water based color marking pens (not included).

The strength of the paper is more than adequate, especially in load bearing parts, which are folded and glue-laminated, creating a type of "ply-paper" strength. The engineering design of the actual L.U.T. also comes into play. Larger parts will have a cardboard, (or builder's descretion) sub-support. It ends up being sturdy. Included is a 'desk wedge/bar" type display sign depicting actual lunar anorthosite as if made of Genesis moon rock meteorite thin slice.

This paper model kit comes professionally color laser printed on 21, 11"x 17" paper (32 lbs. test) sheets. The 87 page instruction manual is patterned after the official Apollo program Flight Plan (just for fun) and is on a CD (included). A trip to Kinko's will provide you with a hard copy... black and white or color.

The parts graphics capture a lovely, weathered, flight used LUT, which is how it looked for the majority of its service. It is as complete and accurate as the medium will allow for and lends itself to the individual builder's added detail. It is quite more accurate than the one seen in Tom Hank's Apollo 13 movie, excellent dvd as it is.

Are you GO or no-GO?

The paper idea lends itself nicely to actual LUT construction, since the real one was essentially made from flat stock. The printed graphics lend much higher detail. This gives it a level of artistic expertise in its texture not commonly available, creating a fine faux effect to many of the surfaces.

It will take some doing, sometimes arduous.... and a bit of overall "MacGyver-ing" to craft this stately addition to your den or party room's decor. (Think of the more painstaking phases as being a sort of astronaut psychological training test as in the movie The Right Stuff... ). Having said that... It is designed to allow for a bit more of a simplified construction, if fewer parts are used at the builder's discretion, still capturing a sense of being a worthy platform. The builder may omit many of the more intricate assemblies and still have an impressive piece.

Suggestions for other kit ideas are always welcomed and may be emailed.

This kit is priced at minimum, mostly due to printing costs... (Kinko's takes $3.50 per 11x17 32lbs. wt. color sheet)


Sadly... the actual, original Apollo program's Launch Towers were only recently destroyed because of lead paint environmental concerns. There was a most illuminated and concerted effort to save LUT #1 and use it to erect a monument to human kind's singular successful venture to another satellite, but, though a superbly gallant effort was made to save it, unbelievably, this unique piece of space flight history is now gone forever. Can you imagine if the USS Arizona BB39 wreck or mighty Memphis Belle B-17 had been scrapped? Or the Mayflower had been saved? Other than the capsule itself, the LUT represented the only other piece of actual, direct, flight used hardware which survived. Although, parts of the Apollo launch complex were incorporated into the Space Shuttle's... a large tower section and Mobile Launcher Platform will be used at pads 39A/B for the rest of the STS program.

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1000s of satisfied builders...!

This is an UN-BUILT HEAVY PAPER model craft kit of NASA's Apollo Saturn V
Rocket Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT) and Mobile Launcher Platform in 1:144 scale. The Rocket is not included. It stands about 40" high. Intended for use with Monogram or any 1/144 scale Saturn V model. The rocket is not included.